#59 🐑 Just list out that MODEL behaviour 🖋

In brief 🩲

  • Journal: Cutesy anachronisms are the best kind
  • Practical: Beware the attention quotient, and expectations of same-day delivery
  • Art: A less-psycho Blake or a normcore Steadman?

From the journal 📖

It only takes a single word to transform one of my daughter Ida’s sentences into a cutesy anachronism, or something that sounds surprisingly grown-up for a six year old. Ida isn’t listening to as much Enid Blyton these days, but she does still string together some delightful turns of phrase.

Ida was particularly snarky one morning. She was carrying a ball of wool to finger-knit with, and the wool was trailing along the ground, threatening to entangle her legs as she walked to the car.

“Do you want me to hold that wool, so you don’t trip?” I asked.

Clearly I know what I’m doing, Papa,” Ida huffed. Clearly.

On the drive home through Transmission Gully, Ida pointed out the spring lambs all over the surrounding farmland.

“How do they keep the lambs in the fields?” Ida asked.

“With fences,” I said.

“I don’t see any fences,” Ida said. There were fences everywhere.

“Oh!” Ida said, squealing in delight. “It was sniffing at its mum’s bum and the mum didn’t tolerate it and the mum kicked the lamb away.”

I had to smile at the word “tolerate”. And the whole story, really.