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Once a week the Without a Hitch newsletter 👍 investigates a single burning question. Stacked with LOL-worthy true stories and illustrations to write home about.

Answers to burning questions you never thought to ask ❤️‍🔥

What can actually motivate a person, consistently, over time? Peruse #36 🦾 More MOTIVATIONAL than a horde of rabbits 🐇.

How many times do you need to repeat yourself until someone gets it? Refer to #34 ☝️ The REPETITIONS required until it really sinks in ⏱.

Why are all toys now made of slime? See #33 🎁 Extricate yourself from the GOO, if you can 🤢.

Which is the proper season (like, of the year)? Read #32 🌻 Divide the year into your SEASONS ❄️.

Also included: True stories 🔍

White horse: Housesitters and visualisation – the ups and downs of judging someone based on first impressions

Soul of Asolo: Pride, fancy boots set to self-destruct, tramping with kids, and a ranger who prioritises mangoes

Even more included: Wry commentary 🔬

Touching base: Stars, lasers and taxi cabs – the glorious (and mixed) metaphors of workplace language

Ticket to Frazzleville: Neutrinos, a haunting road trip and getting frazzled – a foray into the science (my version) of getting overwhelmed