Things your kids say to delay going to bed

Things your kids say to delay going to bed
  • “Oh, I just love my dog. I just want to cuddle my dog.” As touching as this sentiment is, I can’t help but notice that at any other time you just ignore the dog.
  • “I need to say goodnight to Mum. Night Mum!” Okay, great. Let’s get to the sleeping part now.
  • “It’s too dark.” Okay, my child, but just so you know, there’s already the level of ambient light you might expect of mid-morning.
  • “It’s too bright.” Well, this runs counter to your previous complaint. Which is why I made it brighter.
  • “I had a bad dream.” No, sweet one, you haven’t even gone to sleep yet.
  • “I just thought of something scary.” Okay, I’m here for you. But I just want to point out that I read Jumanji to you a year ago, and only now, out of the blue, are you telling me it’s terrifying to you.
  • “I’m thirsty.” Sure. Maybe you could just go get a drink yourself? Okay, okay, fine. I’ll get you a drink.
  • “I need to go toilet.” Fine, just go. Probably has something to do with the huge drink you just had. Maybe have a drink during the day from time to time?
  • “I need to say goodnight to Mum too. In here.” But you just did say goodnight to Mum, ten minutes ago.
  • “I’m so tired.” I know, sweet child. That’s the problem we’re currently trying to address.
  • “I can’t sleep.” You absolutely can. I’ve seen you do it, plenty.
  • “The dog’s in my bed.” Well, you did say earlier that’s what you wanted. He probably heard you.