Reasons people are always in that Google Doc

Reasons people are always in that Google Doc
The audio for “Reasons people are always in that Google Doc” is featured in this episode ☝️ of the Without a hitch podcast
  • They have multiple windows open, each with so many tabs they can no longer see what each contains; they have never closed a Google Doc, let alone any other doc; their computer is a slave to the web browser and does little else apart from run the fan to support all the tabs; they probably don’t ever recall opening the Google Doc, and could certainly never find it
  • They are stubborn, serial procrastinators, and refuse to close that tab with the Google Doc in it until they have finished reading, writing or commenting; they open it for ten seconds every day, can’t be bothered, and just put another window or tab over the top of it until the next day
  • They are watching you work; I was once doing some freelance work, and as I was writing some copy – in real time – my client was writing underneath it: “I like where you’re going with this!”; well meaning, but a little off-putting
  • They have grown impatient with waiting for you to finish something for them, and they know which docs you hang out in, and so they are now spectating in your Google Doc, just to let you know that they’re there, and still waiting
  • You invited one person to look at the Google Doc even though it wasn’t quite done, so that they could see your progress, but then that person invited a dozen more, and then each of those dozen invited another dozen, until the number of confused document lurkers has scaled exponentially; most are likely wondering about the significance of this particular document into which they have been invited, and why indeed they are here
  • They are the owner of that Google Doc, and you are the one who is guilty of any or all of the above