#7 🏚️ You can get a lot done living in a shoebox 💾

When you’re working on something good

Some people assume that to be creative you need all the space, a clear schedule, and no constraints whatsoever. Only then, when everything is completely serene and there are no clouds in the sky, can the creating begin. But that’s not strictly true, nor practical. Years ago, when I lived in Whanganui, unemployed and relatively free of commitments, I had all the time to draw and write. But it didn’t really go anywhere. I spent a month drawing a moose and wasn’t even happy with it, once it was done. Nowadays I have tiny windows of time, strictly scheduled – but I accomplish a lot more.

This week’s post is about being industrious in tiny spaces, featuring a compendium of rooms, each a cache of special memories tucked within its walls.

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