#13 🏡 Housesitters, visualisation and a white horse 🐴

Home again home again

The familiarity and comfort of home is important to me. I do like going outside (from time to time), but I love being inside, especially when it’s diabolical outside. When I say I like rainy weather, it’s not because I literally want to be standing in the rain – but because it’s an opportunity to do inside things.

We frequently get housesitters when we go away, to look after the house, but also all the animals: we have a cat, a dog, and nine chickens. This housesitting arrangement – perhaps one of the last mutually beneficial affairs – has worked out brilliantly in the past. But what happens if it doesn’t work out? This week’s post is in part about and the ups and downs of judging someone based on first impressions. But it’s also about coping with home suddenly not feeling so familiar and comfortable.

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