#17 🦆 Duck tales and the moral of mistakes 🎒

Without a mistake

I chose the phrase “Without a hitch” for my blog partly because some of my early stories were about hitchhiking, but also because it felt like a wry joke. Because: In reality, when does anything go off “without a hitch”? All endeavours (to me) are a mishmash of moments that go well, or partly well, or disastrously. There are precious few perfect tens. And that’s what I like to tell stories about: the mistakes, the times when things don’t go as planned, or proceed exactly the opposite to the plan. I don’t want to sweep mistakes under the rug, rather: hold them up, examine them, laugh at them. And maybe – we can only hope – learn from them.

Although, in retrospect, I could have chosen a better name for “SEO” (most searches for “without a hitch” end with wedding planning companies), the name still feels apt. Especially for today’s tale: a story of the teenage me trying to save a duckling, and the deep irony of trying to do the right thing but making things much, much worse.

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