#44 🔨 Who says it’s a WASTE of time? ⏳

In brief 🩲

  • Not all time can be valuable, and it’s probably important to waste some time
  • Trying not to waste water might make your hot drinks taste weird
  • A teacher who takes students to a waste treatment plant for science certainly must have all the answers
  • Maybe video games are a waste of time, or maybe they amount to professional development

The quest for the most valuable time

Even Thomas will buckle under pressure to be positive all the time

We do tend to worry about time, particularly about wasting it. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines wasting time as “a bad use of time”, but: Who gets to decide what’s bad? Anxiety about “wasting” time is really excessive wariness of what other people might judge to be a waste. Like: Playing addictive video games, and paying for it in more ways than one. Visiting a sewage treatment plant. Playing fast and loose with the used water inside a hot water bottle. (More on these eclectic scenarios in a moment.)