#55 🍞 When you line up the edges JUST RIGHT ⚖️

In brief 🩲

  • Journal: I feel like a right mug because I know so little about vessels
  • Read: For some, “DIY” is naught but a spectrum of disasters
  • Art: Sewing together happy accidents and other people’s drawings

From the journal 📖

My children are funny about drinking out of mugs. And I am a person who makes no distinction between cups, glasses, mugs, tumblers – although I am aware other people make this finer distinction and assign different styles of liquid based on the type of vessel. My children prefer straws for everything. There is perhaps a moment looming in the not-too-distant future where my kids, all grown up, are to be seen in a cafe drinking a coffee out of a beer mug with a steel straw because they grew up strange and no one told them any different.

Mugs into the sunset