#61 🍎 When one BIG THING is all it takes 🫠

In brief 🩲

  • Journal: A face like Freddy Krueger
  • Practical: Just the One Big Thing, and maybe a few lesser things
  • Art: Knowledge turned upside-down, over time
  • Listen: One solution to the podcast paradox

From the journal πŸ“–

From time to time I get a Google Photos reminder of the time I got photodynamic therapy to remedy sun damage on my face. I look hideous: scarlet and shiny with skin flaking off. I look like Freddy Krueger. It cracks me up that this comes up on my phone as β€œRemember this day”. Am I supposed to be nostalgic? β€œOn this day, two years ago, your face was partly burned off.” Thanks, Google. So personalised.

You can do this 🦾

Getting stuff done can be tough in the modern workplace. You make a list and plan out your day, but quickly get blown out of the water by parachute tasks (they just land out of nowhere) or expectations of same-day delivery (when people want you to drop everything to do their thing right now).

Unfortunately a list is not enough. A list without priorities is just a catalogue of potential tasks. Remember mail-order catalogues, for books or tapes? You couldn’t select everything in the catalogue, because (1) it would be too expensive, and (2) not everything in the catalogue would be to your tastes. You have to choose.