#70 🌱 The sacredness of SECONDS 💣

In brief 🩲

  • Journal: Tiny shoots can conquer concrete, with time
  • Practical: The timer is sacred
  • Read: I need to send you a message – where the heck are you?
  • Art: When landscape fails you, go full portrait

From the journal 📖

While hitchhiking through Hokkaidō fifteen years ago, I came across a road which branched inland off the main coastal line, but led nowhere. The land either side of the road had been cleared at some point, perhaps to start developing houses. But it seemed that no building had gone ahead, the project abandoned. Now the surrounding forest was claiming back the land; the grass either side tall and wild; saplings were starting to push up towards the light.

The road itself was smooth and a uniform pale grey, but everywhere there were thin cracks, through which green shoots were growing. Did those shoots push up inexorably through that carpet of rock, reclaiming their turf? Or did they wait for the cracks to form before pushing through? Either way, a feat of extreme patience.

I thought: Nature conquers concrete, with time.