#39 🦥 The kind of cultural TARDINESS that’s surely unacceptable 🐢

As far as I understand it, Wordle is about sharing your favourite coloured polygons

Crawling to the finish line

Today’s issue is about TARDINESS, and examines the question: How late is too late? I’m not talking so much about lateness to an event or meeting, but to cultural milestones or phenomena: appreciating Nirvana, reading Harry Potter, or – dare I say it, as I am a resister – trying Wordle.

The show must go on

Note: I’m writing this on the verge of a feverish delirium brought on by a chest infection. If you spot more miscellany than usual, the odd non sequitur, or a mixed metaphor, then: I blame the woozy mist enveloping my brain.

These synapses are firing all over the show.

This issue is also coming to you a little later than usual. For an issue about lateness, it’s only fitting. 😅

Synapse misfire at rainbow junction