#69 🥱 The exhaustion of our METAPHORS 🕰

In brief 🩲

  • Journal: Whichever way those old clocks tick
  • Listen: The grim new initialism on the block
  • Practical: I never met a metaphor like this before
  • Art: Coming full circle to “literal is best”
  • Update: This is Sparta

From the journal 📖

We’ve reached that moment that I figured would arrive: when past metaphors won’t carry over into the next generation, because the objects they are based on have become obsolete in favour of digital equivalents.

Recently at taekwondo my son Neko wanted to know how much time was left for training.

“There’s a clock on the wall,” I told him.

“I can’t read those old-fashioned clocks,” he said.

The instructors and I laughed at this, and then discussed the implication of kids getting so used to digital displays that they struggle to grasp the concept of “clockwise”.