#50 🐦 The cry of the COMBAT animal 🥋

The newsletter turns 50!

In brief 🩲

  • Journal: The importance of a kihap with gravitas
  • Art: Collab your way to a harmonious household
  • Advice: One must never unwittingly sound like a goose
  • Practical: An ironclad pet-name-choosing method for you

From the journal 📖

The kihap is an important part of taekwondo, where you support your physical exertion with a declarative battle cry. We are often asked, as a collective dojang, to start an exercise over again if our instructors aren’t feeling the collective heft of our kihaps.

“I want to hear a big kihap!” Eisa, one of the head instructors, will often say.

Each person’s kihap is a little different. Often the sound is a literal interpretation of the vowels and consonants you see written here: kihap. Sometimes the p is omitted. Sometimes it’s more of a kiya. Although it’s not something we’ve received explicit instruction on, it’s clear from listening to Eisa and Stella (the other head instructor) that your kihap can be personalised.