#73 ✈️ More than one WAY to sell a cat 😻

In brief 🩲

  • Tardy: A word on extreme lateness, and the reason for such
  • Journal: Two slinky cats, to the highest bidder
  • Practical: I can only land one plane at a time; also: constellations
  • Art: Pretty candy bird

Tardy ⌛️

This newsletter is VERY LATE. If you noticed, and this has irked you – why can’t people just be consistent?! – then, my apologies. A couple of weeks back my wife Vic was admitted to hospital, and had to stay there for five days. Vic’s back home now, and doing okay, so don’t worry – but it’s been a hectic time. Hence the late newsletter.

Totally holding it together over here – don’t you worry!

This is something of a bumper issue to make up for lost time, packed full of cats, planes, constellations and birds made of candy.

To any newcomers: This issue includes more cats than you’ll usually find here. Be assured that no, you have not stumbled upon a cat blog. But hey: people seem to love cats. For some reason. 🤷‍♂️

From the journal 📖

If you read the previous newsletter, you’ll know that we’re selling our house. While it’s been a stressful time for us, our menagerie of animals seem unaffected. Our dog Teddy, an orange retrodoodle the size of a small pony, just lumbers about as usual, pausing for minutes at a time in the doorways of main thoroughfares, oblivious of the great furry impasse his hulk creates. That traffic through our small house can grind to a halt with naught but a poorly placed dog is one of many reasons we’re looking for somewhere new. Somewhere with a little more... elbow room.

Look into my eyes and I will turn you to stone.

We have two oriental shorthair cats: Mango (the dim-witted but sweet orange one) and Wanda (the black witch cat who stares a little too long). Our cats have remained a picture of calm amidst the tumult of open homes and extreme open-home-prep cleaning. This is at least in part because we drug them.

Well, hold on, let me explain.

Wanda is normally an anxious, twitchy creature. We don’t know why. After a string of angst-related ailments, the vet suggested some special food with magical calming ingredients. While we worried that if Mango were any calmer he’d essentially be asleep (it’s nigh on impossible to stop the cats sharing their food), the food – and whatever the hell is in it – has transformed Wanda from a stress machine to a relatively friendly moggy. Wanda will now relax into a lap, and purr, among other things you might expect of a cat. She is now moderately smoochy.