#54 🌸 Make a good IMPRESSION πŸ‘Š

In brief 🩲

  • Journal: Flowers and time travel
  • Art: Concept sketches to realised cattoo
  • Practical: A bonus nearly-serious flowchart for deciding to read later
  • Read: Kihap! like you mean it (deluxe edition)

From the journal πŸ“–

My kids (Neko, 10; Ida, 6) and I have been watching our way through some classic eighties movies, and I’ve been surprised at how well some of them still hold up. Both children thought Back to the Future was fantastic.

The same evening we watched Marty travel back in time, we had an immaculately cooked pork roast for dinner. As we sat down to eat, Ida produced a fuchsia seedling she’d potted earlier that day. Neko started laughing.

β€œWhat’s funny?” I asked.

β€œBack to the Fuchsia!” he said. Which I thought was brilliant.

I didn’t think of it in the moment, but I thought of another one later that evening: Bach to the Future: The musical.