#51 ☁️ Know when to BED in 🛏

In brief 🩲

  • Journal: Is it a rocket, a rolling pin, a marrow, or...?
  • Art: Metaphors for aimlessness
  • Practical: Get a loft bed (or – preferably – don’t get one)
  • Advice: Making a loft bed need not be entirely impossible

From the journal 📖

My kids Ida (6) and Neko (10) are going through a stage where they try and gross each other out by talking about genitals in the most outlandish ways possible. Most of the time it’s Ida doing the talking, and Neko just laughing.

So I wasn’t really surprised when I came across a FIMO clay creation in Ida’s room which looked distinctly like a cock and balls. I took it to the dining room table, where Ida was drawing with Neko and Vic.

“Hey, I haven’t seen this creation of yours,” I said to Ida, coming at the subject casually.

Perhaps it was actually meant to be a rocket, or a rolling pin with some mounds of dough, or a marrow from the garden next to a couple of potatoes?

“Oh yeah,” said Ida, barely looking up from her sketch. “That’s just my rainbow willy.”