#42 🏘 It may be entirely OBVIOUS to you, but... 🔺

Dirty miracles of the lost and found

There’s a unique form of frustration reserved for when you misplace something that you are adamant should be there. The scenario which confounds me the most is that of the disappearing stationery: a pencil or eraser falls from my desk, lands at an awkward angle, ricochets away somewhere, and... ceases to exist. Or, even more mystifying, it makes no sound at all. I’ll get down on my hands and knees, look under the bed, move drawers, try to tick off every possibility – and just get increasingly exasperated at the universe, for this seems a magic trick, but not the entertaining kind. Sometimes I’ll eventually find it, because it bounced far further than I assumed, or because halfway through its fall it became lodged in some impossible gap in the woodwork. But sometimes I never find the offending item, and have no choice but to proclaim the situation some kind of dirty miracle.