#60 👀 It comes down to how you FRAME it 🤓

Photo by Jamie Street / Unsplash

In brief 🩲

  • Journal: Fashionably early to see Dr B²
  • Practical: There is no spoon
  • Read: A brand-new framing, maximum clarity
  • Comment: The power is yours

From the journal 📖

Recently I turned up to my Specsavers eye appointment at 10:31. The receptionist, teetering on the highest of heels, walked over to a computer, looked me up and down over the top of her speckled, thick-rimmed frames, and frowned.

“Richard?” she said. “Your appointment isn’t until 10:35. You’re a little early.” Here she paused, as though hoping I would offer to go away and come back. In four minutes.

She sighed, and led me down a short hallway. “I guess you can come sit over here until your appointment time,” she said, gesturing towards a small waiting area.

I sat in the only seat still available, next to a young woman wearing a beanie and holding her phone about an inch from her face. She jerked her head around and stared at my seat, clearly shaken that it was now occupied by another human.

The same thoughts come to mind whenever I come here: Are Specsavers real optometrists? Or are they just here to sell frames?