#11 ⚗️ Distil the essentials 👖

Minimalism: So hard in reality

I like to think of myself as a minimalist, but the reality is that I still have too much stuff: too many clothes, too many books, too many retro games for consoles which no longer quite work. I’ve always sourced as many clothes as I can from op shops, but rather than drive me towards minimalism, it’s made me a collector of relics – pieces once stylish in their time, but now so old they may need to be in a museum, and so full of polyester it’s like you’re wearing a plastic bag. When I pack to go away I always pack a book, then a back-up book, forgetting that I don’t often end up reading anything. Half of the suitcase clothes remain folded neatly and untouched. I never get to play any of those retro games.