#48 🎨 Colour outside the LINES ➰

In brief 🩲

  1. From the journal: Fencing at Hogwarts, unable to “armour”
  2. Feast your eyes: Tattoo flowers, eventually without lines
  3. Advice that’s better than bad – it’s good: Shower curtain curtails genius
  4. You can do this: A timeline for off-scale happiness

From the journal 📖

After a recent taekwondo training session, my son Neko challenged me to a sword fight using the foam pool noodles we use for blocking practice. After parrying and thrusting for a few minutes, Neko conceded.

“You’re just too good,” Neko said.

“Don’t you know I did a bit of fencing at school?” I said, whipping the noodle in an arc around his guard and down on top of his head.

My wife Vic heard this and laughed. She already thought that I’d gone to the poshest school in all the land. To hear that we had also engaged in fencing was to confirm that this private school was truly the domain of the landed gentry.