#14 🦄 Let me entertain you 🎃

Finding the line

What makes something entertaining? I think about this a lot, in the pursuit of getting people to read my work within this cascading kaleidoscope of neverending distraction we call the internet. Humour’s important to me, but I’ve learned that this doesn’t necessarily have to be slapstick, cheap LOLs – a smile and an understanding nod can be equally as appealing. Horror can get plenty of attention, but again, this need not necessarily be in the blood-and-guts sense.

Last week I shared a tale which endeavoured to hit on a little of both: the humour of the outrageous and unexpected, and the subtle horror of uncovering these outrageous events gradually, on your own, after the fact. This week, I present the audio version of that tale: Let’s see if the telling of it in person adds to the dark comedy that is Digby the housesitter.

🦄 Listen: White horse 🎃